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Barbeque Tandoor Specifications

Weight: 35kgs approx (45kg Packed + Accessories)
Dimensions: 21" Height x 15" Wide x 9" Hole
Serving capacity: 1-5 people


  • - Ready to use
  • - No need for any installation
  • - Charcoal tandoor
  • - Outdoor use only
  • - High quality stainless steel exterior
  • - Long lasting specially built reinforced clay
  • - Heavy Duty wheels for easy placement and mobility
    • - The rapidity of baking and cooking by radiant, conductive and convective heat transfer ensures the sealing in of the flavours and juices of the product
  • - Oil and fat free cooking of other products in a practicle and energy efficient manner
  • - Once tandoor cools down, simply clean the ash from inside the oven and wipe the outler stainless steel with a cloth
  • - Side door made for air control and easy removal of ash
  • - Use this simple cooking appliance in it's most authentic yet modern form for great tasting tandoori cooking right from your home.


Comes with a range of free accessories.

1. Stainless Steel Skewers with wooden handle - x5 - Round
2. Stainless Steel Skewers with wooden handle - x5 - Square
3. Stainless Steel Naan (Indian Bread) removal skewers x2
4. Stainless Steel thongs for charcoal handling
5. Gaddi (Cotton Ball) for slapping Naan (Bread) to the wall of the tandoor
6. Stainless Steel grill for BBQ
7. A wonderful packing box - safe transport and storage as well as many other uses.